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Electrical components are the heart of LeTourneau equipment systems, thus reliable components are an important key to keep a log stacker operating.

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The factors required to maintain Electro Inc.’s quality electrical repairs are; trained skilled electrical technicians, precision coil winding and forming machinery, large burning and baking ovens, proper varnish dipping tanks, and computerized balancing equipment.

Electro Inc. combines skilled technicians, quality materials and the best available equipment to manufacture and repair a wide range of products. Our electric repair and rewind facility is set up for the special requirements of LeTourneau components as well as commercial electric motors up to 750 horsepower.

LeTourneau components repaired include: AC motor rotors and stators for a multitude of RPM speeds; DC wheel motor pole rings and armatures; AC and DC generators; exciter generators; leaf switches, potentiometers and controllers.ac motorgenswitch