Location: Vancouver WA

Our toll-free number: 800-840-8265
Our FAX number: 360-693-8647
Use our E-Mail: esales@electroinc.com

About Us

Electro Inc.

Electro Inc. has been rebuilding LeTourneau equipment and components for overĀ 40 years. We serve customers world wide with quality rebuilt machines, and components at very competitive prices.

Our facilities located at 7507 NE 47th Avenue, Vancouver, Washington include:

  • AC/DC electrical rewind shop
  • Complete machine shop
  • Complete gear cutting shop
  • Welding/Fabrication shop
  • AC/DC motor and generator department
  • Driver and gearbox department
  • 24 hour field service

All of these departments are designed expressly for, but are not limited to, the rebuilding of LeTourneau machines and components. Electro components meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Over the past years Electro has designed and developed a multitude of modifications and improvements for our customers including pin type nose cones, updated switching gear, vibrational dampening helical gear conversions for N-C drivers, wear debris filtering systems designed to prolong the life of our drivers, gearboxes, and numerous structural improvements.

Electro, Inc. has over 50 rebuilt log stackers, container handlers, and other type of LeTourneau equipment operating in the United States and around the world. This makes us a leader in rebuilt LeTourneau equipment, providing our customers with the most effective alternative to buying new equipment.